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Ven. Alfonso Maria Fusco

Priest and founder of ther Congregation 
of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist

The Venerable Servant of God, Don Alfonso M. Fusco, lived in Angri (Salerno) from his birth on March 23, 1839 to his death in the peace of the Lord on February 6, 1910.

In that same town he founded the Congregation of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist on September 26, 1878, with the purpose of evangelizing, educating and promoting youth, especially those who were most poor, abandoned and at risk.

Don Alfonso, in creating this apostolic work, was motivated by the social-political context of his times during which people were experiencing extreme poverty and moral decline.

He brought in from the street many young boys and girls and offered them a basic moral, intellectual and professional formation, so that, as adults, they would be able to insert themselves in the workplace and become promoters of justice and peace.

Don Alfonso committed his whole being to God's project of salvation with unending energy and creativity, for the good of as many brothers and sisters as he could reach.

In the footsteps of Jesus of Nazareth, Don Alfonso passed through the byways of Angri blessing everyone, especially the children.

The Baptistine Sisters, faithful to the Spirit's charism that gave rise to the spiritual and apostolic identity of the Congregation, continue to carry out God's project that was mediated by Don Alfonso. With generosity and dynamism they are actively developing the original scope of his charity in response to the needs of today's world.

Currently, the Congregation has expanded in Italy, the United States, Brazil, Chile, Zambia, Canada, India, the Philippines, South Korea, Poland, Argentina, South Africa, Malawi, Mexico and Madagascar.

On February 12, 1976, the Church officially recognized the heroic virtues of Don Alfonso M. Fusco.


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