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Galilee Retreat House (1993)

The Galilee Retreat House was conceived in 1992 to address the demand for such house due to the increasing awareness of the people for personal growth in spiritual life. 

The Retreat House is located in Palawig, San Andres, Catanduanes, some 17 kilometers away from the capital town of Virac. It has become the favorite venue for religious retreats and recollections, seminars and encounters, being situated near the scenic view of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains overseeing the majestic Mt. Mayon from a distance. 

It has also become the place for week-end recollections and gathering of the growing number of neo-catechumenate communities in the whole province of Catanduanes. Also, priests and religious from other places prefer this venue for their various activities mainly because of the silence and solitude offered by the place.

The sisters serving in the Retreat House are also in-charge of catechesis in the neighboring villages, run the pre-school and daycare center in the parish and conduct manpower training for mothers and young women.