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The Congregation of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist (Baptistine Sisters) is an international religious family of consecrated women in the Catholic Church based in Rome, Italy.  It was founded by the Servant of God,  Bl. Alfonso Ma. Fusco, in Angri (Salerno), Italy on September 26, 1878,  in response to the urgent needs and challenges of his time.  This original inspiration of the Blessed Founder is embodied in the Congregation’s  vocation-mission (charism) of evangelization, education and human promotion of children and youth --  especially the poor, abandoned, marginalized  and at risk

The work started by the Holy Spirit in the person of the Blessed Founder is now an international mission spread throughout Italy, United States of America, Brazil, Chile, Zambia, Canada, India, the Philippines, Poland, Korea, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Madagascar and Moldova.

The  Philippine Mission was started  in  April 23, 1983. 


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